No one makes fun of people who wear eyeglasses to see things better. No one thinks twice about using a vehicle to get somewhere faster. Likewise, it only makes sense to use a robust tool to find and fix potentially embarrassing writing errors and save time in the process.

With, I can fast-track the editing process to screen for hundreds of complex grammatical and spelling errors including context-dependent ones.  It helps me upgrade my writing with alerts for overused and repetitious words and phrasing. A built-in algorithm scans my work against thousands of texts to ensure I’ve documented all my sources and avoid plagiarism issues. For every issue, Grammarly provides an explanation and options to consider.

It’s like having a personal editor and private tutor all in one.

I’ve put my premium subscription to the test for over two years. Even the free version is better than previous tools I’ve used.  I use Grammarly for everything I write personally and professionally.

It is not cheating! It puts me back in control of my writing for clear and correct communication.