The Professional Adjunct Podcast

Here is the archive of The Professional Adjunct Podcast episodes. The archive contains all the weekly podcasts of reflections and interviews with educators on current topics and trends, along with best practices in nontraditional higher education. The podcast is produced and hosted by Jim and Beth Harger.

PA009: Preview of Upcoming Changes to our Podcast

On this episode, we give you a preview of upcoming changes to our podcast including a new partnership with Faculty Focus ( Please post your comments on our blog at or send your comments to...

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PA007: The REEAL Model

On this episode, we continue our discussion on conducting effective online discussions by focusing on the third step, providing feedback. Specifically, we discuss the R.E.E.A.L. model as developed by Laurie Bedford. I asked my partner, Elizabeth, to help explain this...

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PA004: The Wake-up Call

On this episode, I discuss grading papers. No matter how much guidance we provide, many students do not do well on their first paper, which often results in a wake-up call. Is it important to grade and correct APA or MLA style? Should we give students a second chance...

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PA001: Welcome to The Professional Adjunct Podcast

Hello, friends! The Professional Adjunct podcast is a place where we can share ideas about teaching adult students online and in the classroom. On this first episode I introduce myself, tell you the story of how I got into teaching, and then a bit about what is to...

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PA014: Efficient and Effective Grading

On this episode, we discuss the article “Ten Tips for More Efficient and Effective Grading” written by Victoria Smith, PhD, and Stephanie Maher Palenque published in Faculty Focus on February 2, 2015. We discuss practical ways to apply these ten tips based on our...

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PA005: Preventing the Wake-up Call

On this episode, I want to discuss how we help our students avoid a wakeup call. Communicate Expectations Provide Resources Provide good constructive feedback Follow up Announcement Make yourself available for questions Consistency Websites mentioned on this podcast:...

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From a review posted in iTunes:

“Awesome podcast for beginner adjuncts” (Five Stars)

I found this podcast through a link that my department sent me about professional development. I have got to say this is so timely for me since I am in my second year of teaching psychology as an adjunct. This couple has really taught me how to be organized and make time for myself so that I can remain passionate about my work. Keep up the good work!


“I truly enjoyed working with Jim and Beth. Not only are their short discussions about teaching and learning a valuable service for adjunct faculty, but they made the entire process as easy as meeting someone for coffee and conversation.

Bridget Arend, PhD

University of Denver